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Being on Bobby Hundreds Podcast

Being on Bobby Hundreds Podcast

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to be on my friend Bobby Hundreds podcast, This is Not A Podcast. We sat down in Bobby's office inside of The Hundreds headquarters which is coincidentally where the By Samii Ryan offices reside.

I have known Bobby since 2013, we met in New York City at an event for collaboration with Katz Deli x The Hundreds. As soon as we met I felt like we made an instant connection with each other. We are both Aries, both middle children, both started out as bloggers, and both are brand owners. Obviously, Bobby has been in the streetwear game a lot longer than I have, but it is nice to have someone who is a friend and a mentor to help me out throughout my journey with By Samii Ryan.

I was looking for an office space to build my brand a little more and to have a bigger creative space. Luckily, The Hundreds had open office space that they were renting out and we hopped on it as soon as we could. When we first moved into our office space By Samii Ryan just started our side of apparel we had one desk, one lamp, and my computer. 

Since we moved into The Hundreds headquarters office space we not only have grown our brand way bigger than it was before, but we also had the opportunity to collaborate with The Hundreds which has been an absolute dream of mine and I still can't believe that it is being released TOMORROW.

Our office space now is filled with art, inspiration, and has the whole vibe of By Samii Ryan. We have such an amazing creative space and it serves us so much inspiration to build out new collections with our brand. I personally love being in my office space, I love being around our products and I love having this creative space that is inside of such an amazing headquarters.

If you haven't listened to my episode "Riverside" on Bobby Hundreds podcast you can listen to it ANYWHERE you listen to your podcasts. You can also read some more on The Hundreds blog. During this episode of Bobby's podcast, you can learn more about my personal life, my upbringing, and how I started my brand. 

Our collaboration with The Hundreds is being released tomorrow online. I wanted to thank the entire team at The Hundreds for being so amazing to work with and to take my vision and make it a reality. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, all of you truly inspire me to keep grinding and to keep building. 

I can't wait for all of you to see what we are releasing. 



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