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Dessie Jackson Collection Preview

Dessie Jackson Collection Preview

By Samii Ryan is once again teaming up with artist Dessie Jackson this Spring for a carefree capsule collection featuring original patterns from the Los Angeles-based artist’s studio.
For this special collaboration, Jackson referenced artwork from her personal collection taking inspiration from her overflowing paint palettes while lightly touching on the seasonal theme of aphrodisiacs. The 10 piece capsule collection features a selection of tie-dye sweatsuits, along with a satin bowling shirt and short set, a light-weight dress, custom hand-painted denim overalls, and 2 oversized 35 x 35-inch satin scarves.
Dessie’s artwork explores the performance of femininity through painting, drawing, video, and collage. Known for the large-scale canvas work she recently created eight stop-motion lyric videos for Halsey’s album, ‘Manic’.
This light-hearted collection serves as a reminder that encapsulates the By Samii Ryan ethos- to love and to be yourself. Available at select retailers and online March 26 at 9:00 am PST.


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