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Introducing *HOROSCOPES*

Introducing *HOROSCOPES*


Every month from here on out BSR will be writing blog posts that touch on subjects like horoscopes, women's issues, music, icons through the decades, music playlists and more. 

My Co-Star app told me this morning to start monthly blog posts all about your horoscope for your zodiac sign. Sometimes us girls just need a little daily guidance to deal with little things, ya know? 

H O R O S C O P E S  for the month of August

ARIES:  click here to read more

Pump up the passion! After an intense July, you can get back into your full creative glory now, sans all those cosmic interruptions you endured last month. The Sun is in Leo until August 23, igniting your fifth house of play, pleasure, and self-expression. With your ruler, driven Mars, also here until August 18, your life-force energy could be palpable. There's an insatiable need to create things, so find an outlet that allows you to put your unique stamp on something that makes a bold statement.
With these two lusty luminaries in your romantic fifth house, summer love could be in the air. An August affair could heat up quickly—and if it happens to be a no-strings fling, enjoy! Fertility is also boosted by this house. Aries of the babymaking demographic, take note: The virile Sun-Mars combo can definitely increase those odds (and your desire to, er, practice your technique!). 
TAURUS: click here to read more
Hunker down at home, Taurus, and take an easier pace. July was a hyperactive month in the heavens, with two eclipses and Mercury retrograde giving us all a lot to process. Lucky for you, then, that the Sun is in Leo and your domestic fourth house until August 23—the perfect time to slow down and savor self-care, family and some pleasurable nesting.
Are you looking for a change of address or lifestyle? The month launched in the tailwind of a July 31 Leo new moon, which opened a new six-month chapter for exactly that. From house-hunting to changing your decor scheme to enriching your bonds, the beginning of August has a special heartfelt glow. Your natural creativity is also piqued: Honor your urge to beautify and nurture by inviting a small group over for a home-cooked meal or a night of crafts (and craft cocktails). Break out the art supplies and fun projects! 
GEMINI:  click here to read more
Get out and circulate, Gemini! This month brings some much-needed lightness to your world. The Sun is in Leo and your third house of community and communication until August 23. As the natural ruler of the third house, you're in your element during Leo season, flitting between events, meetings and spontaneous outings. Kindred spirits can pop out of the woodwork, and together you could explore some exciting synergies. With passion planet Mars also in Leo until August 18, an attraction might heat up with a friend or neighbor, or your buzzing social schedule could keep you partying into the wee hours.
This levity comes as a welcome relief after last month, which was intensified by two groundbreaking eclipses and your ruler, Mercury's, retrograde backspin. These eclipses, which touched down in your zones of money, work and intimacy, served up surprising plot twists. From an unexpected job opportunity to a searing sexual attraction, July's fireworks were colorful indeed.
Against the mellower beat of August's stars, you can reflect on your options and run them through your Gemini processors. While you don't want to get TOO lost in your thoughts, do spend some time weighing the pros and cons of your next moves before impulsively signing anything.
CANCER: click here to read more
Ready to make some money moves, Cancer? At last, you can start to build the security you've been seeking! Until August 23, the Sun is visiting Leo and your stabilizing second house. You'll have the focus and grit to buckle down—or at least, a sense of where to direct all those big ideas that have been swirling around you this year! With go-getter Mars also in Leo until August 18, you've got no shortage of motivation to hustle…as well as the confidence to pursue your target. Work could get really busy and demanding with Mars here, and you may have a few expenses that cause a strain. Stay in action instead of succumbing to stress. You've got this!
July was a HUGE month for you, starting with a July 2 total solar eclipse in Cancer that shook up your identity, plans, and personal trajectory. Two weeks later, on July 16, the stars served up a lunar eclipse in your relationship house. As the zodiac sign ruled by the moon, you're already impacted by la luna's fluctuations. Throw in those transformational eclipses—in foundational zones of your chart—and you could feel like, "Who the heck am I anymore?" Now that some time has passed since the eclipses, you could have a sense of what to DO with all of this change.
LEO: click here to read more
The season of the Lion has arrived—and we can hear YOU roar! With your ruler, the radiant Sun, blazing through Leo until August 23, you're at peak levels of productivity and passion. On top of that, mobilizer Mars is also in Leo until August 18, a once-every-other-year visit that fills your tanks with life-force energy and fierce conviction. The Sun and Mars are a powerhouse duo: confident, charismatic and highly directional. Whatever you set your sights on under this cosmic coupling, you'll get, if only because you won't stop until you do! You know what you want, and you want it NOW. (Reminder: This is not licensed to bulldoze anyone, Leo.) Physical exertion—whether that's exercise or a lusty boudoir romp—is also catalyzed by the combination of these vibrant luminaries.
August is a total 180 from July, which sent huge emotional waves rippling through the Leo sound system. If you had a couple "dark nights of the soul," no surprise. Last month featured two volatile eclipses that shook up business as usual and unearthed some hidden emotions. This was against the backdrop of Cancer season, which is already a sleepy and powered-down time of year for you. On top of that, Mercury was retrograde nearly the whole month, and partially in YOUR sign. If you felt weepy, misunderstood or disoriented (or all of the above), you have carte blanche to blame the stars!
VIRGO: click here to read more
Power down, Virgo, or spend a little time off the grid. The Sun is in Leo and your restful twelfth house until August 23, your annual time to escape and rejuvenate. Your imagination is at an all-time high now, which could bring richly creative moments and powerful healing. After July's cosmic commotion (two eclipses AND a Mercury retrograde!), you're ready for it. Keep as much white space in your calendar as possible so you can slip off for a siesta, follow the muse or do some deep inner work.
If you've bottled up any feelings, high tide returns to the emotion ocean on August 11, when magnifier Jupiter ends a four-month retrograde backspin. Since April 10, the planet of growth and opportunity has been reverse-commuting through Sagittarius and your domestic fourth house. If plans to move, renovate or make other alterations in your household stalled, don't worry. Jupiter is wrapping up a long visit to Sagittarius from November 8, 2018, until December 2, 2019, but you'll still have four more months to go big with your plans. Before the end of the year, you could make a long-distance move, expand your family or work through some changes with a relative (particularly your mother or a child).
Gather your people, Libra—and tell them to bring their friends! The Sun is making the rounds through Leo and your idealistic eleventh house, the realm of groups and collaboration. You've got until August 23 to enjoy this lighthearted transit, so plan your epic summer garden party or gather your favorite people for some rooftop bar meetups, beach outings and all the Instagrammable moments. 
You've got a right to blow off steam anyhow, Libra, because July was one heck of a ride. Not only was Mercury retrograde scrambling communication for most of the month, but two ground-shaking eclipses swept through foundational zones of your chart. Your career corner AND your home sector both got eclipsed, which may have brought a major move, a professional change or unexpected family news. Not that this was unwelcome, mind you: Many times, eclipse-fueled transitions can be positive, fast-tracking us onto our intended paths. The challenge for your balanced sign is that they arrive abruptly, whereas you would prefer a little advance notice!
SCORPIO: click here to read more
Goals: on fire! As the Sun and motivated Mars make their way through Leo and the top of your chart this month, you've got your gaze fixed on some lofty outcomes. Mars is making its biannual visit until August 18 and the Sun through August 23, an ambitious window that you don't want to squander. Even if you're on vacation, you can expect to field a few calls or bring work along in your beach tote (sorry to say). Be sure to prioritize only what's most important and avoid taking on too much this month. With Mars shortening deadlines while demanding long hours, you could easily fizzle out. Be discerning to avoid burnout!
Revving up the revenue train, bountiful Jupiter wakes up from a four-month retrograde nap in Sagittarius and your second house of work and money on August 11. Jupiter is making a long visit to Sagittarius from November 8, 2018, until December 2, 2019. Since last November, your career path began undergoing a major evolution. Have you welcomed it or resisted? Jupiter only visits this chart sector every 12 years, bringing seismic change when it does. Perhaps you've outgrown a line of work, or a source of income dried up. The key, Scorpio, is not to grip tighter but rather to let go and make way for the new. Auspicious Jupiter rules long-distance connections, entrepreneurship, and risk. The further outside your comfort zone you stretch, the more opportunity you'll find.
SAGITTARIUS: click here to read more
Why walk when you can fly, Sagittarius? Stretch to your full wingspan this month as the Sun loops through Leo until August 23, heating up your ninth house of travel, growth and limitless possibilities. As the natural ruler of this zodiac zone, you're in your element here. Even better? Energizer Mars is making its biannual visit to Leo until August 18, helping you blast past the confines of your comfort zone. If you've set your sights on a big idea, nothing can stand in your way. While you may contract a case of "optimism overload" (careful about taking TOO many uncalculated risks), your pursuit of possibilities could strike the bullseye.
You'll accelerate to full speed on August 11, when your ruling planet, Jupiter, wakes up from a four-month retrograde snooze in YOUR sign, igniting a personal goal, a passion project and your fierce independence. Jupiter is making a once-every-12-years visit to Sagittarius from November 8, 2018, until December 2, 2019. This dynamic transit sets off a fresh 12-year chapter of your life. If everything feels new and a bit disorienting, that's why. But likely you feel the palpable potential and the excitement and novelty that Sags crave. Even if you're not quite sure where this energy is taking you, it's alive and alert, and you’re open to it!
CAPRICORN: click here to read more
A reflective month is ahead for you Capricorn, so silence those notifications and block off plenty of time to yourself. The Sun is taking its annual plunge through Leo and your eighth house of merging, intimacy and privacy until August 23. Ignore the #LeoSeason memes about glamming up and getting fierce. For you, this is a time to go into "focus mode" and reserve your attention and considerable energy for a detailed project or a few close relationships.
The eighth house governs the space where we combine our resources—whether that's time, money, emotions, sex—into a greater and more powerful entity. This month, it's all about quality over quantity. Who are the people that you become MORE of your best self when you spend time around them? Which investments (financial and emotional) are paying off and which ones are draining you? This month, you've got the cosmic okay to move energy-sucking commitments to the giveaway pile, and then ship 'em out for good.
AQUARIUS: click here to read more
Behold the power of two! This month the Sun will make the rounds through Leo (until August 23) then Virgo, heating up the two most relationship-driven parts of your chart. Your free-spirited sign can get squirrely about too much commitment. But August is the time of year when partnerships feel their most vibrant—or at least they come up for review. Assess your inner circle and the people you spend the most time with. Does everything feel fair and mutual? Is there a balanced give-and-take?
This month, every stripe of relationship could demand an assessment—and that's not necessarily a bad thing. On August 11, expansive Jupiter will end a four-month retrograde in Sagittarius and your friendship and teamwork house. That same day, your co-ruler Uranus will start a retrograde through Taurus and your family zone. Prepare to negotiate some flexible new agreements with terms that work for everyone. Set aside people-pleasing, Aquarius—if you don't ask for what you want now, you could end up feeling resentful down the line.
PISCES: click here to read more
Back-to-school season starts early for you this year. As August presses onward, you'll get deeper and deeper into business mode. With the Sun visiting Leo and your sixth house of organization, health, and administrative tasks until August 23, you could already be in cleanup mode with everything from your eating to your office space.
But don't get too caught up in your dust-bunny removal and color-coded bookshelving, Pisces. You've got bigger, more powerful fish to reel in! On August 11, expansive Jupiter wakes up from a four-month retrograde nap in Sagittarius and your tenth house of career and leadership. Time to step it up!
That's all for this month astro babes. 
Samii Ryan


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