With so many new pieces and kits, we have an endless # of cozy girl fits 😍Here's how some of our #bsrbaddies styled their favorite pieces 💕

Pictured: @nataxtrada, @kylierae, @kendelkay, @mrinmoyeeghose

Pictured: @nattybrat, @suedebrooks, @loren, @maya1en, @caitmarks

If you haven't shopped our kit drop, we highly recommend you check it out before they sell out again...

Apart from our cozy kits, our new Double Crossed Top is to die for when paired with our Just For You tie-dye tee + our Sucks To Be You sweats and that's the fit ⚡️

Our Double Crossed Top is also perfection when it's not layered, and we love it paired with a white sweat ✨

What're some of your favorite pieces from our last drop? Let us know ♥︎