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Our Self-Care Sunday Checklist

Our Self-Care Sunday Checklist

Self-Care Sunday

Today is the day for all things self care like face masks, mani pedis, blowouts, or whatever you do to renew your precious self. But sometimes we forget to mention that self care sometimes consists of things like: alone time, tidying up your space, getting your car washed, drinking water, or even seeing a therapist. Whatever you need to do for you.


So the 3 key points to self care are 

  • Mental health
  • Physical health
  • Emotional health

We can care for our mental health by 

  1. Getting creative, making something with your hands or writing.
  2. Organizing your space
  3. Watching a movie that inspires you

We can care for our physical health by

  1. Drinking water
  2. Going for a walk OR 1 hour of failed attempts at learning tik tok dances works too
  3. Stretching!! If you have any pets you know that the first thing they do when they get up to greet you is stretch their backs and legs, something we hardly do but is particularly important when you consider how many of us live a lifestyle that isn't so physically demanding, ultimately leading to tightly strung muscles ( not good ). 

We can care for our emotional health by 

  1. Facetiming a friend
  2. Seeing your therapist (its more normal than you think)
  3. Asking yourself what 8 yr old you would think of you today ( think of all the progress!!! lifes ruff )
  4. Practice saying no to things you've no interest in.

Everyones self care routine is different as it should be, but these are our current fave things to do for self care sunday. Let us know which ones you do or which ones we left out!


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