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Skincare MUST haves!

Skincare MUST haves!


Hi Loves!

Since we are all stuck inside one thing we really all should be focused on is improving our self-care routine. For me, self-care is taking care of my skin! Not going to lie I have had a lot of skin problems in the past. Those problems stemming from having the wrong diet, and using the wrong products for my skin type. I have spent SO much money trying to get my skin glowing and gorgeous and I feel like I finally figured out how to achieve this. 

You can take a look at my skincare troubles in my vlogs on youtube, this video, in particular, I show you what my skin used to look like and the products I was using at that time. I honestly wouldn't recommend them all to you now, not only because they are extremely expensive but also because they are pretty intense products and I don't know how they would react on your skin, because everyone's skin is different. 

What HAS drastically changed my skin has been not eating anymore dairy, regular facials, micro-needling, and having a day time and night time skincare routine (which means I take off my makeup every night!) I have been dairy-free for around 5 years now and my skin has never looked better. Of course, sometimes I might get a random hormonal breakout, but it was NOTHING like it used to be. Sometimes I would get 20 pimples at a time and my face was seriously in pain. I drink a lot of water, and getting a reusable bottle with a straw has helped me a lot, I will link the bottle I have below.

So I am here to share with you my secrets to glowing skin and share with you the products I use on my face every day.

First things first I use a cleanser to take off my makeup and wash my face. It is the first step in my skincare routine.

I use the CeraVe foaming facial cleanser which at retail is only around $10.99. I have used some cleansers that were $100+ and no joke this one is the BEST I've ever used. 

CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser For Normal To Oily Skin, Fragrance ...



After I cleanse my face I then use a spray toner from my best friend's skincare brand, Bejbi Skin. Not only was I always envious of my best friend's skin because it was always glowing and clear, but her products are sincerely out of this world. Her company uses simple, effective ingredients with no fragrance and they sell the products at such an affordable price that you must try them all!

Step two is the Hydrating spray toner from Bejbi Skin. $25.00

toner 1.jpg

After the toner, I then use a liquid exfoliant from Bejbi Skin that has 10% AHA and 2% BHA. You can find more information on all the ingredients on their website. This acid works wonders on my skin and is only $29.00.

exfoliant 1.jpg

After using the liquid exfoliant I use the After Acid Serum that repairs and replenishes your skin. It has a wide variety of soothing ingredients and works wonders after the exfoliant. This serum will only run you $31.00.

serum 1.jpg

Once I finish my After Acid Serum I was using the C-esta Serum from Jan Marini, which I did like for a long time, however for an 8ounce bottle of product it was $114 and since looking into the ingredients and looking at scientific studies this product isn't even good for your skin.. boo :(. So my best friend and skincare expert, Eva, who is the owner of Bejbi skin gave me some other affordable suggestions that will have the same effect as the C-esta Serum.

She told me to use these products a drop each. Buffet from The Oridinary which was $14.80 online Diecem. 

“Buffet” - 30ml

Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 - 30ml

After the drop of the "Buffet" from The Ordinary, I would use a drop of the Hyaluronic Acid which will run you only $6.80.

Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% - 30ml

Following the Hyaluronic Acid I would put a drop of the Niacinamide. Those three The Ordinary products I mentioned combined are less than 1 bottle of the C-esta serum and would give you the same results of BETTER. The Niacinamide is only $5.90.

After my serums I go back in with another one of my favorites from Bejbi Skin and one of their newest products, The Barrier Balm. $35.00.


This balm locks in so much moister and is a smooth as butter, I am on my third bottle, I love it so much.

Lastly at night if I want some extra oil and a glow in the morning I end my skincare routine with a drop or two of The Ordinary Rose Hip Seed Oil which retails for $9.80.

100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil - 30ml

And that is about it!!! My skin has never looked better and I'm so grateful to be educated on ingredients and products by my friend Eva. Since she shared so much valuable information with me I had to share it with you all! 

Shop Bejbi Skin HERE

Shop The Ordinary HERE

Lastly like I promised this is my bottle I drink tons of water from the everyday. I got it on Amazon! $30.00 Find it HERE.

Takeya Actives Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Straw Lid, 32 oz, Blush


So what are some of YOUR skincare must-haves?


Samii Ryan


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