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Style Guide

Style Guide

Online shopping is like: “OMG I LOVE THIS. 💕😭 I want my whole life to be about this piece. Where have you been all my life? ” But at the same time, we’re like “How the heck would one style this bb.” 💭  We're here to give you a quick rundown on some effortless styling tips. 

Keep it cute all season! 🧚🏼 Styling doesn’t always have to be deep thought. It could be throwing a sneaker with a baby doll dress for a comfy girly look. Pairing your favorite socks with slippers and a matching sweatsuit. Showing hints of your style while still being comfortable. ✨

🌷 Give me girly with an edge: 

  • Pairing our “Try Again” t-shirt with a pair of faux leather straight-leg / high waisted pants. Give her a shoulder bag! Pro-tip: Pinterest and local thrift stores carry affordable bags like the example. 
  • Add a pair of Air Forces for a girl on the go or kitten heels as a girly touch. 😻

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve said “Cozy is my middle name.” 🙄

  • Featuring our “Sensitive” hoodie + sweatpants grab a pair of Croc’s, UGGS, or your favorite rubber bottom slides. 🌸
  • Add a small touch: men's socks come in various sizes.  They feel thicker and longer perfect for a scrunched sock look. Socks like this are usually carried at local Targets, Walmart, and Uniform Department Stores.
  • Heart-shaped handbags are timeless. Add a heart-shaped bag to your look for a fun shape to your outfit! ♥️


Tie-dye and solid match up! Monochromatic looks are great to keep things interesting. Express your cuteness in our “Felt cute” tie-dye shorts and cropped tee! 🥺💓

  • Beaded handbags are way too cute! Adding some texture to our outfit. 
  • Having a hard time finding one? Etsy is a great place to check out. Want a DIY project? Grab an affordable handbag with fringe. 🎀 Then add on your favorite color beads, end it with a small knot, and boom! A cute way to interpret bead details on your handbag. 

Buy neutral accessories if you have a hard time choosing colors! 

  • This becomes a pretty useful tip for easy styling. 💫 Keep accessories neutral colors like black, beige, white, grey. You can pair them with electrifying matching sets like our “Isn’t it lovely” sweatpants and hoodie. 
  • Here we put together black shoes and a black handbag to keep the focus on the colors and fun of the tie-dye! 
  • Don’t limit yourself. After you collect some neutral options then venture out into color! 🌈


Can we just make everything plushy plz? 

  • 💅🏽 “Feelin’ good” sweatpants + a collared cropped tee is too perfect of a pair. Cozy meets cute complimented by our plushy purse. 
  • In case your wondering where to find a plush purse like this. 🤔🤩 Check out Julia Sophia in her tutorial on “How to make shoulder bags” ( Link :


Alright friends! We can’t wait to see all the looks you come up with bb. Make sure you tag us on Instagram, Tik-Tok, and Facebook! 🌱🌟 We’d love to feature your look on our socials. 

⭐️ TTYL Cuties! 


Carter Kim


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