Throwback Thursday

It doesn't have to be Thursday to throw it back! 💗

BSR represents all of the y2k nostalgia you can dream of! Whether it's bright graphics, tie-dye patterns, charm necklaces, or bucket hats - we have a little something for everyone. 

Our collaboration with Care Bears really brings you back in time! Some of our best sellers right now are the cutest: Grumpy Bear crewneck, Oh Happy Days Set, Painted Care Bears Striped Crewneck, and the Love On Ice Set! 🐻✨

These TBT vibes got us thinking... she we bring some of these styles back? 😬

Zip Off Pants

Teddy Bear Backpack


Scrunchie Shirt

Airplane Pants

Velour Tracksuits

I've gotta say, the velour tracksuits will never go out of style. 💗✨👏


Samii Ryan