Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday

It doesn't have to be Thursday to throw it back! šŸ’—

BSRĀ represents allĀ of the y2k nostalgia you can dream of! Whether it's bright graphics, tie-dye patterns, charm necklaces, or bucket hats - we have a little somethingĀ for everyone.Ā 

Our collaboration with Care Bears really brings you back in time!Ā Some of our best sellers right now are the cutest:Ā Grumpy Bear crewneck, Oh Happy Days Set, Painted Care Bears Striped Crewneck, and the Love On Ice Set! šŸ»āœØ

These TBT vibes got us thinking... she we bring some of these styles back? šŸ˜¬

Zip Off Pants

Teddy Bear Backpack


Scrunchie Shirt

Airplane Pants

Velour Tracksuits

I've gotta say, the velour tracksuits will never go out of style. šŸ’—āœØšŸ‘


Samii Ryan

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