Today we are dropping two new tees which I am really excited about. The "True Romance" tee and the "Je T'aime" black crop tee. Both equally as cute as one another and both have the same messaging. The best part about searching for love is finding the love within yourself. 

Love is always a subject that is an inspiration for our designs, because well, love is so complex. It can be the greatest and it can be the worst, but learning about yourself through those trials and tribulations makes up for it. It makes you realize what your worth is. Finding out that worth is the key to love. 

We shot these items on Catherine. She was the lovely model that we also shot for last weeks drop, Lovely But Deadly (which are almost sold out grab them while supplies last.) 

Check out the film photos that Evan shot of her while we were in the studio.

Photography by @EvyOptics

You can shop these items online BSR.
Which one is your favorite piece so far?

Samii Ryan


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