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While writing this blog post of all the horoscopes for the month of November. Co-star popped up and said:

"It's easier than usual to connect with deeper truths through your imagination, sensitivity, and intuition. There is no such thing as fate." 

Me.. uhmm ook so fate is not a thing? Anyway back to the horoscopes for this month because clearly.. the universe is trying to get me to tell you something!!

So here we are back with my favorite twins sharing their November Horoscope forecast with you. As always, you can click the "read more" to get the FULL scope of what you will be dealing with this month.. okay so let's go!



Diving deep! You’re focused on a particular topic or mission as November begins, and it will be nearly impossible to pry your attention away. Not that you need to, Aries. With the Sun in Scorpio and your eighth house of intimacy, mergers and laser concentration, this is THE time of year to give it your all. That said, if you start obsessing and lose sight of the world spinning outside of your bubble du jour, you may need to snap yourself out of the occasional bout of tunnel vision.



Fall is getting fierce—and showing all its colors. With the Sun blazing through Scorpio and your flamboyant fifth house until November 22, passion is running high. The fifth house rules love, creativity and self-expression, and with the bold Sun here, your shell will be cracked wide open.
But before you reveal all, wait! Communication planet Mercury is retrograde until November 20—in Scorpio, no less—which could provoke major drama and diva moments. Strong feelings could erupt, making you wish you hadn’t said THAT. While it’s important to express your emotions, firing off an incendiary text or calling someone out when they least expect it could inflate a molehill into Mount Everest.
Clear up family friction—and fend off feuds—before the holiday season begins, Leo. This month has a distinct domestic theme as the Sun travels through Scorpio and your homey fourth house until November 22. While this would normally be time to nest and rest, communication planet Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio until November 20, which could throw a wrench into your well-crafted plans. Arguing over whether to host the big group gathering at your place or your sister’s this Christmas? Stressing out from booking accommodations? Deep breaths. Accept that your path to clarity and calmness may require a little chaos along the way.
You’ve got a way with words, but even your Virgoan verbal prowess could fail you at times this month. While the Sun is in Scorpio and your third house of communication until November 22, your ruling planet Mercury—the guardian of technology, talking and travel—is retrograde in this same zone until November 19. Even your silver-tongued statements could come out as garbled as an encrypted string of computer code. For the first three weeks of November, take extra care with whatever you say or put in writing. When in doubt, hold off on pressing that “post” or “send” button. You could be wildly misunderstood, even when you think you’re being crystal-clear. Hold off until Mars moves into Scorpio on November 19 (or a few days after), where it will stay for the rest of the year. You’ll be able to speak directly and assertively then!
What do you stand for, Libra, and what keeps YOU standing strong? In November, the pillars of your security could get a little shake-up. While the Sun is in Scorpio and your stabilizing second house until November 22 (normally a grounding and industrious time), there will be other factors that could throw in a curveball or two. Communication planet Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio until November 20, a tricky transit that can wreak havoc on all forms of information, travel and technology. Since the second house rules work and daily routines, November could bring financial fluctuations or office politics that push you to the brink. It will take special effort to stay productive as misinformation circulates. Turn up the dial on your Libran flair for being the calm eye of the storm—even in the midst of chaos!
You say one thing, they hear another: What’s going on? While the Sun is in your sign until November 22, a good portion of Scorpio season (until November 20, to be exact) brings the “extra”-ness of also navigating Mercury retrograde in your sign. Get ready for a few rounds of overexplaining this November.
With Mercury—the planet of communication, travel, and technology—gone rogue, every word you type or utter could conceivably be taken the wrong way. Maybe leaning into that mysterious and silent reputation isn’t such a bad idea! So even as you’re celebrating your birthday and the entire season, keep a low profile. If a little self-editing helps you avoid a drama-filled showdown, it might be worth it.
Reflect, inspect, protect: These are your watchwords for the first three weeks of November, a month that could bring a few challenges. Not only is the Sun in Scorpio and your restful, foggy twelfth house through November 22, but communication planet Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio until November 20, making it hard to keep your thoughts organized. On the one hand, this is a deeply imaginative and creative time, and your empathic circuits are turned up. But trying to collect and articulate your ideas could be difficult—with the additional chaos that Mercury retrograde can wreak on technology and travel plans.
Group dynamics will take a lot of energy to navigate this month, so prepare to mediate and manage your relationships, Capricorn. The Sun is in Scorpio until November 22, energizing your eleventh house of collaborations. But Mercury, the planet of communication, technology, and interactions, is retrograde in this same zodiac zone through November 20, scrambling signals with your squad. People will have trouble seeing eye-to-eye, which could delay a launch or derail a team project.
Taking care of business will require a few extra steps this month—but it can still be done! The Sun is marching through Scorpio and your ambitious, successful tenth house until November 22. You’re ready to target a few lofty career goals and check ‘em off your list before the decade ends. Awesome! But there’s a rub, and its name is Mercury retrograde—a tricky transit that can foil technology, communication, and travel.
You’ve got big ideas and supersized plans as you launch into November. But don’t go zooming into the stratosphere without doing those combustion checks! While the Sun’s in Scorpio and your visionary ninth house through November 22, your engines are revved. But Mercury, the planet of communication, technology and travel, is retrograde in Scorpio until November 19, which could stall or thwart your mission. Your number one rule this month: Don’t rush! Taking the time to do things right will be well worth the wait.
Get the pieces in place before the decade ends, Gemini! With the Sun in Scorpio and your orderly, health-conscious sixth house until November 22, you’ve got the urge to purge anything that’s weighing you down. A mission is coming into focus. Now, you need a plan! What would you like to achieve and which actions will get you there? Before you rush off and scatter your energy in a million directions, pause to map that out.
Relationships take the main stage in November as the Sun travels through Scorpio and Sagittarius, heating up the most committed zones of your chart. Whether for romance or business, you’re in the mood to make things Instagram-official—and beyond.
This month’s star map should be (mostly) music to your Taurean ears since your sign likes to settle into a simpatico groove with one compatible person or entity. Bring on the win-win scenarios! Firm and mutually beneficial arrangements work SO much better for you because they allow you to build something tangible and get a satisfying return on your investment.
Now, let's all get through this Mercury Retrograde together.
Samii Ryan


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