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The Best Celeb Halloween Costumes on 2019 : Who Wore It Better?

The Best Celeb Halloween Costumes on 2019 : Who Wore It Better?

Happy Halloween Angels 🎃So it's the culmination of the spooky szn and we're about to share our fave celeb costumes with you but we want to know who wore it better? The original

, or the copycat? You decide, comment down below who wore it better 💕

Ciara & Bae VS Bey & Jay 

Princess Stormi VS Queen Kylie
Twilight Zone VS Ariana Grande

Kevin The Rock VS Dwayne The Rock Johnson ~ Who was the better "rock"?

Kevin The Rock VS Dwayne The Rock Johnson.... Who was the better rock?

Ashley Graham looking like the baddest babe ( and she rocked this with a real bun in the oven ) VS Jessica the Rabbit... that's a toughie for sure!!

Kim Kardashian really went above and beyond with her Elle Woods costume, if you haven't watched her video on her instagram please do that like now it was perfect! Anyhow:
Kim K. VS Elle Woods

Harry Potter VS James Charles

Marilyn Manson ( a long time ICON ) VS Halsey ( a new icon ♥︎ )

Had to share this with you guys because Gabrielle Union definitely brought it, the nostalgia in her instagram pics is insane and 12 yr old me is screaming!!! 
Which costume was your favorite? We'd love to know ♥︎
Happy Halloween bbyz, stay safe & most importantly stay cozy!!
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