Our Best Striped T-Shirts & Long Sleeves

"The best time to wear a striped sweater is all the time"

-Spongebob Squarepants, Creative, Philosopher. 

It takes 60 seconds to get the most amount of germs off of your filthy hands, and I know what you guys are probably thinking "60 seconds to wash my hands? Nah." But you'll be wishing you took those 60 seconds to scrub-dub-dub if you got sick, especially at a time like this!!! 

Here's a cute reminder just for you ✨

Anyhow getting back to stripes. This weeks picks are our striped long sleeves! Here are our faves 💕              


Let Me Go Purple Striped L/S

In perfect co-ord with our "Just Leave" orange pant.

Flower Child Striped Tee 

This striped t is the perfect length, sitting at the end of your mid-rift, its the perfect baby t. Pair it with any blue jeans you own for a casual fit ♥︎


Happy Daze Striped L/S + Let Me Go Purple L/S

Will striped t's every go out of style? At this rate, we think not. 

 Let us know which of our striped t's or long sleeve's you've got on your wishlist!! 

(Don't forget, 60 seconds!!!)