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WCW: Women Crush Wednesday

WCW: Women Crush Wednesday

"I don't know how to get rid of this guy without breaking his heart."

This week we are featuring an early 2000's favorite, Uptown Girls. Starring Brittany Murphy and Dakota fanning. Brittany Murphy was one of our favs in the nineties and two-thousands. Her cute and spunky personality mixed with her variety of characters always lead us to follow her in every movie she made. 

Dakota Fanning was only 9 years when she filmed Uptown Girls, (like whatt?) she played a posh little trust fund baby from New York City who acts more like an adult than a child...

During the film, we saw amazing fashion, catchy music, and quirky personalities. And how could we forget about all the gif's that have our favorite movie quotes in them???

Brittany's character, Molly, had such fun style. We love how she played with fashion and had fun with her bubbly yet expensive looks. Dakota's character, Ray, always was serving us some looks as well. Can we talk about her shades? and literally her shade towards Molly....

We love you Brittany, rip.

Who was your favorite character from Uptown Girls? 





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